We believe there should be an inclusive, diverse space for spiritual development and healing. We offer simple tools to support your journey and change the energy in and around you.


"Cultivating Luminescence was created out of a living necessity."


There are many sides and facets inside of each person. That is why connection is an adventure and intention is the key. For me, I am a queer woman of color, a fierce mother attuned to the balance that life/children command, an artisan, a 16 year military spouse and more. Cultivating Luminescence was created out of a living necessity.

The stress of life and constant moves required that I find eco-friendly products that brought me peace and healing.


what we give our time and attention to grows. As I work to craft these candles every detail is attended to. The root of my work is to ensure that the intention of the candle is present when used. As the candle burns the wax does not produce soot for a cleaner candle experience. Every candle is hand set with individually selected crystals and botanicals. Each Candle scent is curated for Conscious Spiritual work. All details working together to enhance the experience of the Journey.

The right scent, note, or mindset has the power to help push you through the day or help wind down from it.



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